Pack-In Camp Long-Range Shooting School

Long-Range Hunting Shooting School

Lake Alice Camp - Big Piney, Wyoming

July and August Availability Only



Learn what is necessary to make a successful 1000-yard shot. The science behind bullet and cartridge selection, to simplified techniques to compensate for Coriolis, Spin Drift and Wind Deflection. Your time will be split between classroom and field shooting. Our instructors will show you the science behind long-range shooting and then how to apply it in real hunting scenarios. It is not necessary to bring any shooting gear… the rifles, ammo and shooting products are all provided by HYBRID RIFLES for an additional fee. When this course is completed, you will have a cursory understanding of 1000 yard ballistics and the field experience shooting at those ranges. Contact us for more information and/or to book your course dates. Please keep in mind that a 50% deposit is required when you book with us. Be sure and plan to take advantage of our offer of a $500 discount on the HYBRID RIFLES Shooting System. This exclusive offer is for all attendees who purchase the system prior to the schools ending. May not be combined with any other offers.

Best of the West Outfitters primary focus is on big game hunting in Wyoming. Our emphasis is equipping you with the knowledge, tools and abilities to harvest your next trophy, with one precisely placed shot when it matters the most. We pride ourselves in partnering with the most innovative leaders in the world of long-range hunting and competitive shooting. Since our inception in the outfitting business, we have worked hard to provide you with the tools needed to be successful on one of our long-range hunts. This joint effort with HYBRID RIFLES has created some of the most accurate custom long-range hunting rifles in the industry and one of the most sought-after long-range hunting shooting schools available in the industry. Our curriculum is not designed around industry fads, but around real-life shooting and hunting scenarios. As your outfitter… your success ~ is our success… Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Day 1 is not just a beginner’s course but will develop the foundation knowledge necessary for becoming proficient at long-range hunting. You will develop the skills and techniques required to successfully engage targets beyond what you thought possible. You will have a firm understanding of ballistic solutions and their relationship to atmospheric conditions, as well as a general understanding of wind hold corrections.

  • Terminal Ballistics and Bullet Performance
  • External Ballistics and Trajectory Validation
  • Ballistic Compensation Techniques
  • Long Range Shooting Equipment
  • Cartridge / Ammunition Selection
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Range Shooting Basics
  • Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance


Day 2 courses will build on the foundation we establish on Day 1. The topics are a little more advanced and in general you will develop a better technical understanding of wind, atmospheric conditions, and how wind combined with varied terrain can affect the flight dynamic of the bullet. We will discuss and implement techniques often required under field conditions, which may require shooting from positions other than prone.

  • Range finding – Error and Equipment
  • Wind Deflection – Reducing and Reading
  • Correction for Air Density and Changes
  • Measuring and Correcting for Shot Angle
  • Exploring Spin Drift and Coriolis
  • Shot Placement
  • Advanced/Field Shooting Mountain Course


(5-day pack-in schools only)

Day 3 is a course designed around real-life hunting scenarios packaged to enhance your training experience. We will saddle the horses to take you on a real simulated hunt coupled with instruction. The simulated portion of this hunt is the replacement of game animals with steel targets and silhouettes.

  • Advanced
  • Field shooting mountain course
  • Application of previously combined courses
  • Simulated pack-in wilderness hunt
  • Shoot big and trophy game steel silhouettes


  • 2-day Ranch Bunk-house | Practical Shooting School $1,495.00 per person.
  • 3-day Drive-in Wall-tent Camp | Practical Shooting School $1,995.00 per person.
  • 5-day Pack-in Wall-tent Camp | 3-day Hunting Shooting School $2,995.00 per person (First day is spent packing into camp and the last day is spent packing out).

To book a spot in one of Best of the West Outfitters long-range hunting shooting schools, please contact us for availability. We will then email you a contract for your review, consideration and completion, you will then email or mail the contract back to us along with your deposit to secure a place in the school.

Our all-inclusive instructional shooting schools will cover the practical aspects of long-range hunting and will be set in either the mountains of Western Wyoming or the plains of Oklahoma. Your accommodations will be one of two options:

  • Fully staffed wall-tent camps, complete with a shower tent, generators for our electrical needs, meals, cots & pads, wood stoves and more.
  • Fully staffed bunk-house, complete with all modern conveniences, meals, beds and more.

Best of the West Outfitters Long-range shooting schools are 2 to 3-days of instruction. You are invited to stay at one of our camps, bunk-house or lodge the night before the class starts. We will provide your accommodations during the class up until mid-afternoon the final day of instruction. Whichever course you choose, all your meals will be provided during your stay, along with a comfortable cot & pad or bed (please bring a sleeping bag and pillow) and each wall-tent has a wood stove for added comfort. A complete list of items to bring will be provided with your contract.

If you have booked our pack-in course, please understand that our horses will be used for access to the high-country camp and shooting areas. Practical field shooting positions will be taught to you while shooting steel targets at various ranges, out to 1000+ yards. We will cover; density altitude, adjusting for wind hold overs, adjusting for extreme shooting angles, advanced ballistics, terminal ballistics, how to manage your gear on the mountain, how to turn what gear you already have with you into a solid rest, and much more. During these shooting schools, you will be shooting your rifle, or you are welcome to rent one of our own Hybrid Rifles to shoot and master these techniques.

You are welcome to bring the rifle that you are planning on hunting with, and about 200 rounds of ammunition. A scope with turrets to dial up and down elevation is a requirement. Your rifle should be capable of at least 1-1.5” groups at 100 yards with your ammunition. Although, we will provide you with one of our school rifles and ammunition. Our school will focus on real hunting scenarios, so bring the things that you would normally bring for a hunt (shooting sticks, bipods, pack, cloths, etc.). Please review the gear list, contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


Best of the West Outfitters also offers long-range shooting schools for those interested in learning how to apply there newly developed skills to a real hunting scenario’s. Our two main instructors are accomplished long-range hunters and have accumulated an impressive list of big game kills out to 1200 yards. They are both also accomplished competitive long-rang shooters in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), you will not find 2 better instructors than Jim See and Rick Reeves.