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If you would like to consider adding a Weimaraner puppy to your family… I would like to have a brief conversation with you in-order to determine what your goals are?

Rafter V Weimaraners

I was raised in SW Oklahoma on a commercial cow/calf operation and fell in love with the breed after meeting my first Weimaraner, Rufus, that belonged to a family friend. I was the kid that always picked up stray dogs and we had a mix of mutts and ranch dogs growing up but I dreamed of having a Weimaraner. Like most people I loved their color, regal look and temperament. I finally got my own Weim when I was a freshman in college, living in the dorms. Knowing what I know now that could have been a recipe for disaster but I was very fortunate. She was the best dog ever and so easy to train. Somehow I never got caught with a dog in the dorms or maybe she was so great that it was just overlooked. She never had separation anxiety, destructive behavior or any health issues. She was my shadow for many years and my love for the breed was set. I lost Mackey shortly after my oldest daughter was born and went several years with another Weim. I knew I couldn’t replace her but I wanted my girls to grow up with the love of a Weim and they had only been around our ranch dogs. When my youngest daughter was one year old we added Dottie to our family. Dottie became my shop dog and went to work with me in town most days. In 2014 I sold my business and came back to the ranch full time and decided to breed Dottie. I was very fortunate that a long-time breeder of hunting weimaraners took the time to educate me and guide me in responsible breeding. She is still my mentor and a great source of support and encouragement. Thank you Dawna Miller, PM Weimaraners.

In September, 2019 we sold our place in NW Oklahoma to moved to Marlow to be closer to my family. We are in the process of renovating an old barn to use as a training facility. The barn is at the ranch that I grew up on so now my girls get to play in the same fields and swim in the same ponds I did.

Although we raise versatile hunting dogs I am not a bird dog trainer. I love to watch a dog work but I would rather be shooting pictures than birds. The training that we do at our kennel is basic obedience, manners and socialization to make the transition to your home easier and set a foundation that you can build on. If you are looking for a trainer for a specific discipline we can help you locate a trainer.

Feel free to call or simply fill out the Buyer Info page and I will get in touch with you!

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