Wyoming Range Packtrip


A Dynamic, Adventurous Packtrip

Our Wyoming Range Packtrip is for the backcountry enthusiast who likes to explore and doesn’t mind some time in the saddle.

The area is home to elk, moose, deer, antelope, grizzly and black bear, mountain lions, lynx, and many other species of wildlife. The terrain includes high alpine bowls, boulder fields, rocky slides, and timber areas often higher than 9,000 feet. The landscape is a mixture of rolling open slopes dotted with sagebrush, pockets of aspen trees, forested hills, and a wonderful diversity of wildflowers.

On this trip, we move camps each day so you’ll cover a lot of ground and have plenty of opportunities for fly-fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, and of course horseback riding!


Late June – Mid August

How Long

3, 5, 7 , or 10-day


Max. Group Size = 12


Wyoming Range Packtrip Details

A Day In Camp

Morning & Afternoon

Mornings begin around 8:00 am, at which time your guides will already be packing up camp and preparing to head out if needed. We meet for a hearty breakfast, pack your lunch, and discuss our plans for the day. Depending on the plan, guests will have opportunities for fly fishing, trail riding, wildlife viewing, or hiking. For wildlife viewing, our time and effort are focused on areas where we have historically found and recently located elk, deer, moose, sheep, and black bear. We spend time glassing and locating wildlife with binoculars and can hike or ride to a vista for photos.


Guides will have you in camp by sunset, at which time the cook will have your meal prepared. Kick your boots off and tell stories of the day over a hearty supper in the dinner tent.



The Wyoming Game & Fish Department manages regulations and licensing for all hunting and fishing in the state, and you must have a valid fishing license to fish with us.

Please review our Licensing Overview page for more information on WG& FD deadlines and fees.


Cost / Deposit

Contact us for our current price list, dates, and contract.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quoted trip price will reserve your dates for the year. The balance is due 60 days prior to your hunt dates, or you may pay with cash the day before your trip begins.

Your quoted trip price does not include costs for:


What to Bring

Please review our What to Bring page for a complete list of required and suggested gear. For products we use, trust and recommend, view our Links page.
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    Clothing: synthetic, wool, and/or waterproof outerwear, broken-in hiking boots and gaiter, stocking cap, socks, camp shoes, etc.
  • null
    Personal Gear: Water bottle with filter, prescription medications, lip balm and sunscreen, toiletries, etc.
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    Fishing Gear (Optional): Fly Rod & Flies or Spin Cast Rod and Spinners

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