Refund Policy

Best of the West Outfitters Refund Policy (Exhibit B)

Best of the West Outfitters, LLC

(Exhibit B)

Best of the West Outfitters, LLC (Outfitter) has the following refund policy as it pertains to all deposits and fees paid to them by a client (Client) for any/all services provided or requested.

1. Upon the booking of a trip (signing of contract) 50% of the cost of the trip will be due from Client to Outfitter to be considered as deposit. The deposit may be credit/debit, cash, personal check, certified check or money order. Outfitter will not responsible for cash sent via mail service. All checks are to be made payable to:

Best of the West Outfitters, LLC.

  1. If Client is successful in the license draw, the deposit will not be returned to Client. Thedeposit will be kept by Outfitter with the balance being due Outfitter from Client.
  2. If Client is unsuccessful in the draw of a license for any specie that Client has put adeposit on, Client’s deposit will not be refunded to Client from Outfitter. The deposit will continue to be held by the Outfitter and applied towards a future mutually agreed upon trip date.
  1. Within 60 days of Client’s starting trip date, all remaining fees shall be paid in full to Outfitter and applied to the deposit to equal the total contracted trip price. These fees shall be paid by credit/debit, cash, personal check, certified check or money order. Outfitter is not responsible for cash being sent via mail service.
  2. In the case of death of the licensee, any person who has authority to represent the

deceased as provided by a court order shall submit a written request for a deposit/fee refund supported by a copy of the respective death certificate.

  1. Once you have drawn blood on an animal, or if it is mutually agreed of a confirmed hitand if we are unable to recover your animal, your hunt will be considered completed and no refund will be awarded. We feel it is unethical to wound an animal and then hunt for another.
  2. Failure to adhere to the firearm safety rules can result in having your hunt terminated.

Should the hunt be terminated due to unsafe gun handling practices not being followed, NO refunds will be awarded.

Best of the West Outfitters, LLC highly recommends that you purchase trip insurance! Best of the West Outfitters, LLC reserves the right to cancel trips and/or refund deposits!

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