Life in Camp

The Best of the West Wyoming Hunting Camp

Everyone of our trips are fully staffed, all inclusive and offered in classic Wyoming style. Accommodations and meals are included in all of our trip prices, unless otherwise stated. Your stay will vary depending on the species you are hunting (i.e. spike camps while sheep hunting), the time of year and most importantly our preseason scouting. We offer a wilderness pack-in camp, forest pack-in camps, forest drive-in camp and lodge accommodations with spacious wall tents or rooms that you can relax in and call home for a time.

Each wall tent will have canvas floors, cots with pads, lantern and a wood burning stove for your warmth and comfort. Each room within the lodge have all the modern amenities available for your comfort. There is often a hot shower available in the drive-in forest camp, complete with a generator for any of your electric needs. Absolutely everything you may want or need will be provided in camp, with exception of your sleeping bag, pillow and personal gear.

The camp meals are unbelievable, all home-style and often prepared in a dutch oven. A typical day will begin early with a hardy mountain breakfast, a brown-bag lunch that will barely fit in your saddle bag, a generous mouthwatering dinner that will fill you up and replenish the day’s burned calories. Hunting is your first priority; we at Best of the West will absolutely take care of everything else for you during your stay with us so you can focus on your adventure.

Please make it known if there is any physical or mental limitations, phobias, plant, animal or food allergies, any other food illnesses or any other issues that we need to be aware of and prepared for!

We recommend that you secure “cancel for any reason” trip insurance to ensure you do not suffer a financial loss due to cancellation!