Trophy Care

When your game is harvested, your guide will take care of the field dressing, packing to camp and we will deliver your meat to the processor were he will cut and package to your specifications. Taxidermy work and meat processing are available locally. The cost of taxidermy and meat processing is your responsibility and not included in the price of the hunt. If you can’t take the meat home, it can be donated to a local food bank. Please note—the cost is still your responsibility. Meat cutting charges run $100 and up depending on customer preference, plus the cost of dry ice and shipping boxes.

Taxidermy work is approximately $600-plus— and more for a shoulder mount, plus crating and shipping. European mounts are $250-plus depending on the species. Heads left to be caped, boxed and shipped to you by local taxidermists are your responsibility. If you want to take your head home to a local taxidermist, this can also be arranged. Heads taken home by commercial airlines require special care. Please call your airline in advance to acquaint yourself with current airline requirements. In addition, be sure to familiarize yourself with state laws regarding transporting meat and heads, particularly regulations pertaining to chronic wasting disease.

Meat can be processed locally:
Scott’s Meats in Daniel (Junction), WY (307) 413-3322

Matt’s Custom Meats in Jackson, WY (307) 201-5207

There are many local taxidermists that can take care of your trophy and cape and have them shipped for you.

We work most often with:
Bare Bone Taxidermy & Skull Works, LLC in Swan Valley, ID (307) 200-1936

High Country Taxidermy in Pinedale, WY (307) 367-2390

Scott's Meats

Matt's Custom Meats

Bare Bone Taxidermy & Skull Works

High Country Taxidermy