Hunter Readiness Gameness

Enroll into a local riding school to gain the knowledge and skills needed to communicate with our horses and mules in preparation for one of our back-country big game hunts and success!

Physical Conditioning

Wyoming’s diverse terrain provides scenic beauty but can test one’s physical abilities. Horses and all-terrain vehicles are utilized in many instances to cover the country, but hiking is involved on all hunts. The hunter who has prepared him or herself physically has the edge on harvesting a trophy. Any exercise program you undertake will help considerably during your hunt. Most of you will be coming from a lower elevation and getting acclimated to Wyoming’s elevation, this takes most people an average of three days. If you are able to arrive early and see the sights this can also help. Sheep, elk and mule deer hunters are advised to undertake a conditioning program well ahead of their hunt, to support the physical requirements demanded from the steep terrain. Those who utilizing horses during their hunts are advised to ride at least a couple of times before the beginning of there trip.

Please make it known if there is any physical limitations, mental limitations, phobias, plant allergies, animal allergies, food allergies, any other food illnesses or any other issues that we need to be aware of and prepared for!

Shooting Practice and Skills

One of the most important factors for a successful hunt is your ability to shoot well. Start preparing for your hunt in advance by sighting-in your rifle carefully. Practice in sitting, prone and offhand shooting positions. Shoot 100 to 200 rounds of ammo at distances of 50 to 350 yards, although most shots are about 300 yards. We recommend a flat shooting rifle with a nine-power scope or better. Calibers need to be .243 or larger, bolt action, sighted dead on at 200 yards. We encourage the use of shooting sticks and quick disconnect bi-pods, the use of these shooting aids on a horseback hunt is allowed if they will fit in your backpack and/or rifle scabbard. Please become familiar and proficient with your firearm and shooting aids. Practice and good equipment will tip the scale in your favor. There are no shooting benches in the field, so get plenty of practice at home and take advantage of the local shooting range when you arrive.

Hunter Safety Requirements

No person born on or after January 1, 1966 may take any wildlife in Wyoming by the use of firearms. Unless the person possesses, can exhibit a certificate of competency, safety in the use and handling of firearms. Wyoming grants reciprocity to other states, countries or provinces providing recognized hunter safety certificates. Exhibit of certificates are not required to apply for or obtain a Wyoming license; however certificates must be carried in the field. The minimum age to hunt big game in Wyoming is 12 years old.

One-on-One Guide Service

This exclusive service is offered at a flat rate, which covers the number of days booked. Please contact us for our current 1-on-1 guide rates.


The weather can have a profound affect on your hunting experience, sometimes in a positive manner sometimes in a negative manner. Please be advised, we have no control over the weather. No extra hunting days or refunds will be given due to lost hunting opportunity, area closures, or season closures. Any additional cost for motels, meals, travel, etc. under these circumstances is not the responsibility of the Outfitter.

Wyoming Preference Points

The Wyoming Game & Fish Preference Point system is designed to improve an applicant’s odds of eventually drawing a license in a hard-to-draw hunt area. Preference points are utilized in conducting the resident and nonresident moose, resident and nonresident full price bighorn sheep, nonresident elk, nonresident deer and nonresident antelope drawings. Seventy-five percent (75%) of available licenses in each hunt area and license type will be allocated to the preference point drawing. Applicants with the highest preference point ranking will receive priority in the preference point drawing. The remaining twenty-five percent (25%) of available licenses will be allocated in a random drawing regardless of preference points.  The random drawing is intended to provide everyone who applies a chance of drawing a license, regardless of their preference point total. You may purchase your preference points July 1 – October 31 of each year applicable for the upcoming years.

License Fees

Licenses for hunting are not transferable to another person according to Wyoming law. All Wyoming licenses are drawn via lottery system. We are happy to help you secure the licenses for your hunt. We fill out all Wyoming license applications and submit them for you (required). LICENSE FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE HUNT.

Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is highly recommended. Your deposit secures your hunt dates. Because our hunts are booked well in advance, we pass up other clients to save your hunt for you. Your hunt payments are not refundable. We recommend Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance to protect you from financial loss in the event you need to cancel your trip with us.