Personal Gear List

Please see our Links page for hunting resource links to the products that we use, trust & recommend.


Clothing Gear

Synthetic, Wool & Water Proof Pants
Hat, Stocking and Cap
Hiking Boots (well broken-in) and Gaiter
Camp Shoes
Coat’s, Light, Heavy, Rain, Wool and Water Proof
Glove’s, Insulated and Water Proof
Hunter Orange (one piece)
Wool, Synthetic Underwear
Wool Socks Light and Heavy
Wool and Synthetic Shirts
Duffel Bag

Personal Gear

Water Bottle (Filtered)
Wet Wipes
Glasses and Sunglasses
Lip Balm and Sunscreen
Toothbrush, Towel, Washcloth, Soap, Shampoo…

Tent Gear

0 degrees or colder Bag and Pillow

Hunt Gear

Drivers License, Hunting License, Hunter Safety, Conservation Stamp,
Special Management Stamp, Archery Stamp and etc.
Bear Spray (wilderness hunt only)
Day Back-Pack (3,000 cubic inches)
Scent Eliminator
First Aid Kit
Head Lamp, Flashlight and Batteries
Game Bags
Knife Sharpener
Tool Set (work on hunting equipment)
Pistol, Ammo and Holster (optional)
Range finder
Rifle, Scope, Covers and 2 Boxes Ammunition
Bow, Release, Arrows, Broad-heads, Quiver and Sling

Fly-fishing Gear

Fly Rod & Fly’s or Spin Cast Rod and Spinners (optional)
License (included with your big game hunting license)

Please make it known if there is any physical or mental limitations, phobias, plant, animal or food allergies, any other food illnesses or any other issues that we need to be aware of and prepared for!

Pack-in hunters will be limited to 1 sleeping bag/pillow, 1 rifle or bow, 1 backpack and 1 or 2 soft duffel bag weighing no more than 50 lbs combined. (airline weight limit) NO OVER SIZE BAGS WILL BE PACKED IN. All backpacks will be worn in. All rifles will be carried in scabbards on your horse and your bows will be carried in a hard case on a pack animal. These limitations must be followed. You will find that through careful packing you can bring everything you need. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to call. I would much rather discuss this with you prior to your hunt, than have you show up with gear that can’t be packed in.

If you drive, save room to bring your meat and trophies home, because shipping costs can run as much as $2+ a pound, keep in mind, having your game processed will cost you about 45¢+ a pound. We also work with an excellent taxidermist to whom your trophy can be delivered.

Be prepared for all weather conditions. It can be 70° one hour and snowing the next. Mornings and evenings are generally cold, so dressing in layers is important. Fall weather in the high country is very unsettled with rain and snow showers being common. If you would like recommendations on clothing, feel free to call. Your back-pack should include at least the items mentioned above in case you are forced to spend the night away from camp.

Get in Shape! If you aren’t now, try to get in good physical condition. The elevation and the demanding country will run you down fast. Nothing ruins a hunt faster than being out of shape. Walk up and down the stairs; take long walks with your day back-pack and hunting boots on. This will prepare your feet, back, and shoulders for exertions that you wouldn’t experience in regular life.

Recommended Fly-fishing Gear List

8-9 feet, 5 Weight Fly Rod- must break down into at least 2 pieces with hard case for packing on mules. Tenkara Rod co. produces a great option for small mountain streams.

Flies can be purchased in Pinedale. However, if you have a selection on hand we recommend:

Wet: 6 – 12 size; various wooly buggers, prince nymphs, hairs ears, beaded, princes, stones and hairs work well, muddler minnows. 8-10 size

Dry: 6 – 10 size; hoppers, humpys, adams, royal coachmans, irresistibles, stimulators, parachutes all work well.

Leaders we suggest a dozen or so 9 ‘4 and 5x tapered leaders. We typically don’t use tippet, but if you do, we suggest you pick up a 4 lb. test tippet or even use a 6 lb. tippet.

We recommend that you secure “cancel for any reason” trip insurance to ensure you do not suffer a financial loss due to cancellation!