Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Archery and Rifle Bighorn Sheep Hunts


Wyoming Game & Fish License Application Deadline Bighorn Sheep | Feb 28

Bighorn sheep are a jewel in any hunters crown. Our bighorn sheep hunts take place in Western Wyoming’s high country, with elevations up to 7,000 feet and over 10,000 feet in many cases. You will be hunting high alpine bowls, boulder fields, rocky slides, and timber areas often higher than 9,000 feet.

Without a doubt, this is not only Wyoming’s finest trophy sheep hunting but also considered some of the best bighorn sheep hunting in the world.

Archery Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Area 4 & 24 – Early Season

Requires Preference Points,

Conservation Stamp & Archery Permit

Season Dates: Aug. 15 – Aug. 31

Drive-in Camp | Spike Camp

10-day | 1-on-1

Pack-in Camp | Spike Camp – Wilderness Hunt

10-day | 1-on-1

Rifle Bighorn Hunts

Area 4 & 24 – Early Season

Requires Preference Points

& Conservation Stamp

Season Dates: Sept. 1 – Oct. 31

Drive-in Camp | Spike Camp

10-day | 1-on-1

Pack-in Camp | Spike Camp – Wilderness Hunt

10-day | 1-on-1

Hunt Details

A Day In Camp

Your bighorn sheep hunt begins at 3 am when we meet in the dining tent for a hearty breakfast, pack your lunch, and discuss the plans for the day. After breakfast, still, well before daylight, you and your guide ride out on horseback camp for a full day of hunting. Once you reach your destination, we spend most of the day glassing and locating rams with binoculars and/or a spotting scope. Our time and efforts are focused on areas where we have historically found and recently located mature rams in our scouting efforts. Once we spot your trophy bighorn, we plan our stalk carefully and hike to a vantage point to where you can make your shot.

Our Hunting Camp Locations

Drive-In Camp

Our drive-in camp and availability of multiple spike camps lie within the boundaries of all sheep areas, which allows us easy access and the ability to hunt the best bighorn sheep area in Wyoming. This area routinely produces rams ranging from 170” to well over 190” gross, each and every year.

East Fork Pack-In Camp

Our East Fork pack in camp and availability of multiple spike camps also lie within the boundaries of all sheep areas.



The Wyoming Game & Fish Department manages regulations and licensing for all hunting and fishing in the state, and you must be eligible to purchase a valid license and any additional permits or stamps before booking your trip with us. We recommend allowing Best Of the West Outfitters to process your license applications, preference points etc., or you can manage your own application online.

Please review our Licensing Overview page for more information on WG&FD deadlines and fees.


Cost / Deposit

Contact us for our current price list, dates, and contract.

If you draw a license, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quoted trip price will reserve your dates for the year. The balance is due 60 days prior to your hunt dates, or you may pay with cash the day before your hunt begins.

Your quoted trip price does not include costs for:


What to Bring

Please review our What to Bring page for a complete list of required and suggested gear. For products we use, trust and recommend, view our Links page.
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    Hunt Gear: Hunting license and relevant certification stamps, day back-pack, headlamps, scent eliminator, knives and sharpeners, game bags, range finder, rifle, scope, covers and two boxes ammunition, etc.
  • null
    Clothing: synthetic, wool and/or waterproof outerwear, broken-in hiking boots and gaiter, stocking cap, socks, camp shoes, etc.
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    Personal Gear: Water bottle with filter, prescription medications, lip balm and sunscreen, toiletries, etc.


Other Hunts

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