Best of the West Outfitters, LLC (BOTW) COVID 19 Operations Plan

For Outfitted Services on the Bridger-Teton National Forest

Adhering to CDC sanitation, disinfecting protocols & social distancing guidelines set.


Guidelines for Temperature Checks

BOTW will check the temperature of employees and clients each day. Employees or clients with a temperature above 100.4°F are recommended to be sent home.

Sanitation & Disinfecting Guidelines

Cleaning and disinfecting our workplace require that we develop, implement, and maintain and revise our cleaning and disinfecting plan.

Developed Plan

BOTW will frequently evaluate our workplace to determine what kinds of surfaces and materials make up our work areas. Most surfaces and objects will only need normal routine cleaning. Frequently touched surfaces and objects will have to be cleaned and then disinfected to further reduce the risk of germs on surfaces and objects.

  1. First, we will clean the surface or object with soap and water.
  2. Then we will, disinfect using an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  3. If an EPA-approved disinfectant is unavailable, you will use 1/3 cup of bleach added to 1 gallon of water, or 70% alcohol solutions to disinfect. We will not mix bleach or other cleaning and disinfection products together.

Determine What Needs to be Cleaned

If the area is outdoors: outdoor areas generally require normal routine cleaning and do not require disinfection. Spraying disinfectant on hard surfaces and in parks are not an efficient use of disinfectant supplies and has not been proven to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to the public.

  1. BOTW will maintain existing cleaning and hygiene practices for outdoor areas. The targeted use of disinfectants can be done effectively, efficiently and safely on outdoor hard surfaces and objects frequently touched by multiple people.
  2. If our workplace has been unoccupied for 7 days or more, it will only need your normal routine cleaning to reopen the area. This is because the virus that causes COVID-19 has not been shown to survive on surfaces longer than this time.

Determine What Needs to be Disinfected

  1. Following our normal routine cleaning, we will disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects using a product from EPA’s list of approved products that are effective against COVID-19.
  2. When we are cleaning or disinfecting a hard and non-porous material or item like glass, metal, or plastic, consult EPA’s list of approved products for use against COVID-19.

Examples of high-touch areas that need to be disinfected are:

  1. Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks, touch screens, and cameras.
  2. When we are cleaning or disinfecting a soft and porous material or items like carpet, rugs, or seating in areas, these soft and porous materials are generally not as easy to disinfect as hard and non-porous surfaces. EPA has listed a limited number of products approved for disinfection for use on soft and porous materials.
  3. Soft and porous materials that are not frequently touched should only be cleaned or laundered, following the directions on the item’s label, using the warmest appropriate water setting.

 Implement our Plan

  1. BOTW will clean visibly dirty surfaces with soap and water. Clean surfaces and objects using soap and water prior to disinfection. We will always wear gloves appropriate for the chemicals being used for routine cleaning and disinfecting.

Maintain and Revise our Plan

  1. Our routine cleaning and disinfecting are an important part of reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Normal routine cleaning with soap and water alone can reduce risk of exposure and is a necessary step before you disinfect dirty surfaces.
  2. Surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, desks, phones, light switches, and faucets, will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.
  3. More frequent cleaning and disinfection may be required based on level of use.

 Additional Cleaning and Sanitation Guidelines

  1. Prior to opening our, entertainment venue, and sporting venue we will disinfect the entire facilities and all equipment.
  2. BOTW will ensure that access to handwashing/hand sanitizing supplies are available for employees and clients.
  3. Our employees will use proper handwashing, observe respiratory etiquette, and avoid using other employees’ phones, gear, or other work tools or equipment.
  4. Our employees that encounter the public will wear face masks and disposable gloves.
  5. Being considered a takeaway food service, concessions are allowed, but we will regularly disinfect our concession area operated by employees. Concession areas operated by patrons will use single use condiments and should be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Social Distancing Guidelines for the Outdoors

  1. BOTW facilities will ensure that clients and employees are maintaining six feet of social distancing.
  2. For venues with seating, such as our dinning tent or campfire, we will offer seating in a staggered manner such that there is six feet of spacing between clients. This could include assigning seats with several empty seats in between or offering seating in every other row. Our dinning tent will only allow half of our maximum capacity or our clients may elect to return to their assigned tent.
  3. Our staff will minimize face-to-face employee and client interaction.
  4. We will recommend and consider displaying signs throughout facility to frequently remind clients to take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These messages may include information about:
    1. Staying home if you are sick or do not feel well, and what to do if you are sick or feel ill.
    2. Using social distancing and maintaining at least six feet between individuals in all areas of the facility.
    3. Covering coughs and sneezes with a mask or tissue, then throwing the tissue in the trash.
    4. Washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
    5. Using hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.
    6. Avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Social Distancing Guidelines for Personal Contact

BOTWO is considered a personal contact business. Remaining six feet apart as in other businesses is not always possible in this establishments. However, there are guidelines that can be utilized allowing these businesses to operate while also minimizing risk from COVID-19.

  1. Wash hands regularly with soap and water and consider using personal protective equipment such as gloves or face masks.
  2. If wearing gloves, wash hands after removing gloves and discard used gloves.
  3. Consider using hand lotions to keep skin intact from frequent hand washing.
  4. We will provide hand sanitizer to clients.
  5. Our dinning tent will stagger client’s entry and exit to serve meals.

Correspondence Plan

When Best of the West Outfitters converses (i.e. phone, email and personally) with a current or potential client we will adhere to the following general guidelines and recommendations:

  1. Has client or potential client been exposed to COVID 19, have they been sick, are they currently sick? If yes, when or how long ago has there been any health concerns that Best of the West needs to be aware of.
  2. Upon arrival to our base of operation, all clients will have their temperature taken to help ensure that they are healthy.
  3. How many clients are within their party and where is each member from.
  4. Our clients will be informed that we recommend they bring a face mask, otherwise Best of the West will have available face masks and disposable gloves.
  5. We will no longer offer our pickup service for client convenience. Clients will be required to meet us at our base of operation, in their own vehicles for their designated trip.
  6. Best of the West Outfitters will be hosting smaller groups and will always be practicing social distancing of 6 feet or more. We will also provide hand sanitizer, soap and water in around all facilities to help ensure good sanitation.
  7. Our privy facilities will always be kept clean and sanitized. We will provide antibacterial wipes, hand soap and water outside all privy facilities to be used prior to entering and exiting.
  8. Our staff will be required to wear a face mask, disposable gloves and will always practice social distancing of 6 feet or more.
  9. Our Kitchen (i.e. cook tent) and dining facilities will be cleaned and sanitized a minimum of three times per day. Our staff and client eating utensils will be stored in separate containers to minimize contamination.
  10. Best of the West Outfitters will provide antibacterial wipes, hand soap and water outside both privy facilities to be used prior to entering and exiting.
  11. All equipment (i.e. bridles, saddles, firearms, personal gear, etc.) will be sanitized after every outing.
  12. Our staff sleeping quarters (i.e. wall tents) will be sanitized daily.

We recommend that you secure “cancel for any reason” trip insurance to ensure you do not suffer a financial loss due to cancellation!