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We would like to thank you for visiting our website and considering “Best of the West” for your lodge stay, big game hunting, fly-fishing, summer pack-trip or long-rang shooting school experience. We are your foremost choice of outfitters for fair chase, free ranging Wyoming and Oklahoma trophy and big game species. Specializing in quality rocky mountain elk, mule deer, whitetail deerbighorn sheep, shiras moose, black bear, pronghorn antelope, predators, fly-fishing, pack-trips, long-range hunting shooting schools and more.

Best of the West is one of the most diversified outfitters in the State of Wyoming and Oklahoma, holding permits/leases with the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, State and Private entities. This gives us the ability to hunt various species, follow a migration due to early snow fall and allows us to limit pressure on any one of our hunting areas.

Best of the West works hard at providing you with premier hunting and fly-fishing opportunities in Wyoming’s and Oklahoma’s finest big game and fishery habitats. We can provide you with an unmatched opportunity for not only your general hunting needs while you build preference points, but also cater to your limited quota trophy area needs after you have accrued the necessary preference points.

Best of the West owns and/or operates four camps within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, three are located on the Wyoming Range managed by the Greys River and the Big Piney Ranger Districts. The lower drive-in camp is on South Piney Creek at the trail-head, with the upper pack-in camp located at the head of the East Fork of the Greys River, both are inside the renowned trophy mule deer region G and H, general elk areas 90 & 94, moose area 24 and bighorn sheep area 24 just West of Big Piney, Wyoming.  Our third camp is located within the Teton Wilderness on Cub Creek, managed by the Black Rock Ranger District, within elk area 70, bighorn sheep area 4 and operated from the Brooks Lake Lodge.  These camps offer hunting opportunities for trophy mule deer, elk, antelope, bear, wolf, moose and sheep. Also offering summer activities such as progressive pack-trips, fly-fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, trail-riding or our long-range shooting school.

The fourth camp is located on the edge of Lake Alice, which is one of the most beautiful and majestic, largest naturally formed mountain lakes in Wyoming. This is a pack-in summer camp set within “The Wyoming’s”, and provides fly-fishing opportunities for Bonneville Cutthroat trout and a ready environment for trail-riding, hiking, or simply relaxing at camp around the fire, as well a realistic hunting setting for our long-range shooting school. All trips are professionally guided and staffed, complete with classic dutch oven meals, comfortable wall tent camps, well-maintained equipment and gentle livestock. Also available are summer fly-fishing trips to pursue the Cutt-Slam in classic Wyoming style, progressive pack-trips, backpack trips and/or eco-trips horseback into the Forest and Wilderness areas of Wyoming for wildlife viewing.

We outfit, guide and entertain only a limited number of clients each year to help insure your trip of a lifetime!


Best of the West believes that a top quality staff is paramount to the outfitters ability in providing clients with the most successful trip possible, therefore we search out to hire the best guides, cooks, camp jacks and wranglers available. These positions require more than just expertise, but a real passion and love for this way of life.

We are considered to be “Best of the West” because owner Bruce Lindsey and his guides are lifelong hunters, woodsmen, fishermen, outfitter/guides, ranchers and stock-men that spend more than three-quarters of the year in the outdoors and back-country. When he is not scouting, guiding or hunting big game, he is hunting predators and caring for livestock on the ranch through the winter. Bruce is one of the most professional and personal individuals that you could ever have the opportunity to meet. He and his staff are extremely committed to making your trip, not only successful, but the most memorable experience of a lifetime!

Being a professional guide requires intimate knowledge of our hunt areas, the species sought after and their behaviors. Our guides possess not only the passion, but maybe more importantly the perseverance to hunt every day, all day and all season long to locate you the best trophy’s possible.

Our guides begin their preseason scouting for big game in early June and will continue until our hunts end in mid-January. We spend a great deal of time locating trophy game animals, learning their daily patterns, understanding their migration routes and developing an understanding of how they behave in the various seasons and weather patterns throughout the year. This preseason activity is crucial in giving our guides the knowledge they need to provide you with a shot opportunity and ultimately success in harvesting your game species.

Playing a huge role in our high success, is our guide’s ability to hunt the specie we seek and knowing how to set up a successful shot on your trophy. This is a direct result in our efforts in continually searching out the industry’s most knowledgeable long-range marksmen to teach in our shooting schools, to better not only your abilities, but our own as well.

Best of the West Outfitters attention to detail, diverse permit holdings, outstanding staff, well maintained equipment, gentle livestock, passion for hunting, and the greatest dedication to your personal success, makes us the obvious choice for your upcoming trip. This is why we openly encourage you to research other outfitters, contact our references and above all take the time to visit with us in order to gain the confidence you need to book your trip of a lifetime!

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Each year, we make many new friends—people who come into our camp as clients and leave having formed a special relationship that hunting together allows. As a result, we receive many positive comments about their hunting experience.

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